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Scientists Have Just Discovered A Huge Anomaly On The Dark Side Of The Moon That Shouldn't Exist

Ancient Flying Machines...Chinese Texts Accurately Describe the Surface of the Moon in 2309 BC

Moon Worship and Deification: Native American, Egyptian, Sumerian, Caananite, Chinese, Ancient

The Artificial Moon Keeping Us In The MATRIX - PART 2

The Moon Landing Hoax- 656565

Moon Landing Cut Scenes Filmed In Nevada Desert

China Landed On The Moon And Found Water In Dirt And Rocks
Mashable ─ By Elisha Sauers (Jan 16, 2022)

This Is The Most Convincing Evidence We've Seen That The Moon Landings Were Faked
IFLScience ─ James Felton (July 19,2019)

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